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Thank you for supporting the Chicago Arts Orchestra!

Many thanks to our wonderful, generous supporters! Your kindness is truly appreciated.  As we move forward into our 11th season, it is gratifying to know that we have the assistance of partners like you. Each season, the Chicago Arts Orchestra continues to perform challenging and diverse music. Our audience base in the Chicago area has grown enormously over the years, comprised of many supporters just like you who play an active role in keeping this music alive. Your support advances our goal of integrating orchestral music into the community with style and joy. Creating beautiful music is its own reward, but your generous donation is what makes it possible for us to share our music with others. We are truly grateful for your encouragement!  

Your partnership is invaluable to us as we travel together from the Chicago Arts Orchestra’s distinguished past toward a new future.  I hope you'll consider investing in the future of the Chicago Arts Orchestra with a generous donation.  With your support, we can be a meeting place for the Chicago community, allowing us to together celebrate, reflect, laugh, breathe, energize, and embrace the wonder and beauty of musical collaboration.  

With sincerest gratitude, 
Kayleigh D. Dudevoir

General Manager, Chicago Arts Orchestra 

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